Unlock the Stage: The Film


Nasko Atanasov leaves his home in Bulgaria to study in the United States, and instantly falls in love with theatre and acting. During a trip back to his native country, Nasko stumbles upon an abandoned theater in his grandparents’ village. With a vision to revive this forgotten stage space, the young man organizes an international team of volunteers. However, there is a limited time frame to work with and the majority is sceptical. The challenge for change is never easy.

"Unlock the Stage" is a captivating tale about the bonds of tradition and friendship, the transformative power of dreams and expression, and the courage to pursue an inner calling along life’s most unexpected paths.

Directed by David Julius Roston

David Julius Roston is an independent filmmaker who focuses on social issues. Although David was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, he has worked on numerous international documentaries. He is currently developing ways to intertwine media and the arts as tools for public health interventions.


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Tatarevo, Plovdiv


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